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3D artist E001    
3D world E002    
ACM transactions on embedded computing systems E003    
American economic journal : applied economics E004    
American economic journal : economic policy E005    
American economic journal : macroeconomics E006    
American economic journal : microeconomics E007    
American economic review E008    
Applied linguistics      
Artforum international E009 取用電子全文登入資料
Canadian modern language review      
Chemical engineering education E010    
Cinefex E011   取用電子全文登入資料
Cladmag E012 取用電子全文登入資料
Communication arts E013 取用電子全文登入資料
Computer arts-England E014    
Cornell hospitality quarterly      
Design issues      
Economist E015   過期期刊可外借
European journal of American culture       
European journal of information systems E016    
Filmmaker E017    
Finite fields and their applications      
Fortune E018    
Frieze E019   取用電子全文登入資料
Harvard business review E020    
Health systems E021    
How E022    
IEICE transactions on communications        
IEICE transactions on electronics      
IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communucations and computer sciences      
IEICE transactions on information and systems      
Imagine FX E023    
Information resources management journal      
International journal of cross cultural management      
International journal of lean six sigma      
International journal of risk assessment and management      
International journal of technology management    
Journal of coatings technology and research      
Journal of database management      
Journal of dynamical and control systems      
Journal of economic literature E024    

Journal of economic perspectives

Journal of fuzzy mathematics E026    
Journal of hospitality and tourism research      
Journal of hospitality and tourism technology E027  
Journal of intelligent manufacturing       
Journal of international business studies E028    
Journal of mechanical design E029  
Journal of micro-nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS   E030  
Journal of polymer engineering      
Journal of polymer research      
Journal of simulation  E031    
Journal of the electrochemical society      
Journal of the history of collections       
Journal of the operational research society E032    
Knowledge management research and practice E033    
Language arts E034  
Language teaching      
Language testing      
Leisure management E035    
Marketing letters      
Materials performance and characterization      
Monocle E036    
Nanoscience and nanotechnology letters E037    
PC gamer E038    
Print E039    
Renewable energy world        取用電子全文連結
Review of asset pricing studies      
Review of corporate  finance studies           
Review of financial studies      
Seventeen E040   過期期刊可外借
SFX E041    
SIAM journal on applied mathematics E042  
SIAM journal on computing E043  
SIAM journal on control and optimization E044  
SIAM journal on discrete mathematics E045  
Studies in second language acquisition      
Time E046   過期期刊可外借
Transportation science E047  
Wallpaper E048    
Worldwide hospitality and tourism themes E049